How To Troubleshoot Error 01403 In Oracle Problems?

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    Here are some simple steps that can help you resolve error 01403 in Oracle release. The ORA-01403 error occurs because of an SQL query that supposedly returned all the requested data, but all the data was found. The error is often associated with SELECT INTO statements that retrieve rows or sets created from columns in the database. When a SELECT INTO query that returns a single row fails, some systems generate an ORA-01403 error.

    How do you resolve ORA 20000?

    As mentioned earlier, the ORA-06512 error often occurs in addition to the ORA-20000 error. To fix these errors, the friendly device must either fix the problems causing the errors or write a better exception handler. To get started fixing a batch of errors, examine the lines of HTML that appear in each error message.

    Burleson Consulting Oracle Error Troubleshooting Tips

    The Oracle docs state this in ORA-01403:

    ORA-01403 information not found
    Reason: In your main program, all data records are in languagehas been restored. The recovery return code was +4,Indicates that all records were returned using SQLInquiry.
    Action: Stop processing SELECTExplanation

    01403 error in oracle

    Many people come acrossora-01403 Reference to the SELECT INTO clause.

    How do I fix error ORA-06512?

    Fix the condition that’s just youCalls an unhandled error.Write an exception handler for this unhandled error.Contact your current database administrator for assistance.

    are SELECT INTO clausesStandard SQL that draws and arranges important questions related to a row or set of columns in a database.convert the received data into predefined variables.

    Esland SELECT INThe instruction does not intend to go back even one range by running ORA-01403.




    2 v_authName author.author_last_name% type;

    3 departure

    4 select

    5 Author_Surname to v_authName

    6 from

    7 author

    8 where

    9 author_state ‘FL’;

    10 = dbms_output.put_line (‘Name:’ || v_authName);

    11 /



    ERROR end;

    12 lines 1:

    ORA-01403: data not found

    ORA-06512: online 4

    As the request seeks access to authors in Florida and there will beno, error ORA-01403 was thrown. To avoid ORA-01403, PL / SQL to help youcontaining exceptions, otherwise our own query will return values ​​that matchvariable is defined. If the exceptions are incorrectly defined, theyMeet ora-01403, your situation can definitely get worse every time you try to help itaccess to the corresponding variable. Throw a hard exception that won’t last longcan be obtained, this will allow the code to identify variouswithout getting error ORA-01403.

    To T customize this SELECT INTO query, which usually avoids the ORA-01403 error and therefore avoidshandle the appropriate exceptions, here’s another example:

    SQL> create orReplace auth_Name function

    2 (v_auth_state IN author.author_state% type)

    3 return varchar2


    5 Creator v_authName.author_last_name% type;

    6 start

    7 select

    8 Author_Surname according to v_authName

    9 from

    10 author

    11 where

    12 author_state is equal to v_auth_state;

    13 return v_authName;

    14 Exception


    16 Who Then “Too Many Writers Will Return During This Time

    State ‘;

    17 if NO_DATA_FOUND

    18, then “There is no author in this state”;

    19 when the other

    20 then raise_application_error (

    21 -20011, ‘Unknown Exception in AuthName

    Function ‘);

    End 22;

    23 /

    The function has been created.

    Here the function used exceptions and can return accordinglythrows an exception for the current calling block. it becomes specificThe code avoids the ORA-01403 error and works correctly.

    X Take a lookSee this directive for more information on INTO select query:

    01403 error in oracle

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