How Can I Fix Abit Av8 9f Error Codes?

Sometimes your computer may display a message with abit av8 9f error codes. There can be several reasons for this problem.

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    abit av8 error codes 9f

    c5 – see chipset hook to copy BIOS to E000 and F000 Dark RAM

    01 – Expand the Xgroup policy located at physical address 1000: 0

    08 – 1st test of Winbond special keyboard controller for 977 Super I / O series

    2. Automatic detection of keyboard and mouse zones followed by any port type and

    Test the shadow of segment 0E – F000h to see if it is R / W compatible or not. if test

    10 – Automatic detection of the lightning type completed, the corresponding R / W lightning codes at the bottom

    12 – Use bypass criteria 1 to test the interface on the CMOS circuit. Install

    also the real time clock is working, then check the override

    14 – Program the chipset defaults to use the chipset. Chipset default values:

    18 – Determine processor information including brand, SMI type (Cyrix or Intel) and

    1B is the number of one of the interrupts in the vector table. if not specified exactly, B / W

    2 all.load CMOS setting the correct BIOS stack. Use CMOS withchecksum errors

    abit av8 error codes 9f

    24 – Prepare the BIOS web card for PCI and PNP use.

    – Find a valid VGA device as well as VGA BIOS, place this item in

    29 – 1st internal MTRR CPU program (p6 and pII) for address 0-640k

    2 memories. Enter data on screen, including current title, processor type -,

    49 1. Calculate the total memory by checking the last part of the double word every 64k

    4. Adjust the cache area on the Mayor platform to accommodate smaller cases in

    52 – explore all memory (erase all open memories to 0)

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  • 67 – Prepare memory size information for function call: INT 15h ax = E820H

    2. Automatically assign ports to the COM platform when the corresponding element is close to the configuration

    7F – return to SMS mode if full screen logo is supported

    -if no error occurs or if F1 is pressed to continue: delete EPA or

    2. Restore the text font used in the EPO logo creation process (not in full screen logo mode)

    93 Reading informationand about the boot sector of the hard drive in the Tren Antivirus code

    November 2004

    November 2, 2004


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