How To Solve The “document Not Found” Problem

If you see a “Document not found” error message on your computer, check out these troubleshooting tips.

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    Try searching for a document in Windows: select Start, type the document name or company name (in Windows 8.1, type a name in the search box), and then press Enter. If a document file (or a list of files in Windows 8.1) uses a document, double-click the document in Market to open it in Word. If the search results do not contain any claims, go to the next method.

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    “Document Not Found” Error

    How do I fix file Not Found error?

    Open Windows Defender Security Center.Click Virus & threat protection.Click Virus & threat protection settings.Scroll down to the Controlled Folder Access section. Disable access to folders controlled by Windows Defender.Disable the style.

    document not found

    Sometimes, when you open a document from Windows Explorer or click attachments in email messages,The guide does not open immediately, but instead displays a series of messageserror messages as shown below.or the file may not be associated with Word, but with another application (or, in any case,multiple installations of Word, incorrect versions of Word may be used).

    Clicking on this field will open one of the linked dialog boxes:

    The file display name is the file name of all requested documents up to that first space in the method -which in the above example must be “d: My Documents Filename.doc” – so that youthe first space is “D: My”, followed by the “.doc” file type suffix.

    If you click on this error message, you can see other similar message a result of opening the document, he can also just open Word with a new blank document.

    Save the word again

    To resolve this issue, first re-register Word. Close (and Word Outlook) and rolled into oneWindows Start> Run Applet (implementation illustration taken from Windows XP, but differentWindows versions have a very similar function) enter winword.exe / r.

    If everyone has more than one type of Word installed, they will put in the effortTOControl of the classification system. To fix this, see “문서를 찾을 수 없음” 문제를 해결하는 방법
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