Fixed: How To Fix Blackberry Torch Error 561

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    You may receive an error message indicating BlackBerry Flashlight Error 561. There are several ways to fix this problem, and we’ll get back to that shortly.

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    Error My solution is to restart the OS.

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  • … I already know very well that this is article 9900/9930, the error codes are basically the same and the end will be the last.

    If my error message still appears shortly after restarting my smartphone, reinstall the BlackBerry® Device Software. Recharging will, of course, delete data from your smartphone.


    and / or perhaps “JVM” appears before the big error message. Example: The error “jvm 101” could be “Application error 200”.

    Error 101: Application Error
    Error 102: Java File Error
    Error 106: Graphics System Error
    Error 205: Security Software Error
    Error 502: Process Error
    Fixed error 503: Data corruption problem
    Error 504: Data corruption problem
    Error 505: BlackBerry device software
    Update error
    Error 507: Application error with data file
    Error 508: Detected invalid object
    Error 512: System error
    Error 523: BlackBerry device software
    Error 525: System error – Error 526: Missing critical object
    Error 527: Missing critical object
    Error 529: File system corruption Error 532: Application error
    Error 543: Incompatible file system

    … Reset your BlackBerry smartphone.
    … If the message still appears after restarting your smartphone, try charging it again.

    software for your BlackBerry device. In the process of replenishment, the person’s data on the smartphone is deleted.

    Error 552: Not enough disk space
    Available for 561: Error loading
    Application error
    Error 602: Application error
    Error 603: Application error

    … Reset your smartphone settings.
    … If you get an error message after resetting your phone, please charge it.

    software for your BlackBerry device. The recharge process deletes your current data on your smartphone.

    • If you still receive an error message afterRows of the BlackBerry device

    Error 501: Memory corruption
    Error 517: Hardware and software conflict
    Error 547: Hardware or software problem

    Error 513: The user tried to reset the settings
    exactly on the smartphone after exceeding the maximum selection
    allowed password attempts.

    When such an error occurs, all information on your smartphone is deleted to prevent unauthorized access to your information.
    If your email profile uses a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, your personal administrator can
    change the settings to minimize this error message in the future. Contact your personal administrator for more information.
    Try the following:

    … Restart the BlackBerry software on your device. The recharge process deletes your

    • If you continue to receive an error message after recharging your own BlackBerry device

    BlackBerry, similar mobile numberphone is prone to errors, crashes, or slippage. For example, when applications are not responding erratically, network connections or even error codes. One of the most common error codes is RESET error 513. This article explains how to fix this error code as well as how to reset your BlackBerry code. Error RESET

    error 561 blackberry torch

    To fix the 513 RESET error in the Blackberry 513 phone, you need to reset the phone memory. You have to flash each phone in a different way with a word or phrase.

  • This can be done at any telephone store (from an authorized dealer)
  • Or you want to reset your Blackberry by yourself by following the steps below.
  • Requirements

    error 561 blackberry torch

    Back up many of your applications and before resetting any personal data on your BlackBerry.
    Use the backup and restore tool that comes with the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

    Soft Reset

    If you managed to sync your BlackBerry with your awesome PC (device not recognized), you can use the shortcutkeys to perform a simple reset:

  • Press ALT + DELETE + RIGHT SHIFT at the same time.
  • The screen should disappear and the device should start up normally.
  • Hard Reset

  • You may perform a problematic reset if your apps / devices are not working as expected.
  • This usually uses the same keyboard shortcut as above:
  • But this time you get it, so you can use it twice.
  • The screen will be copied and the device will probably start.
  • Immediately press ALT + DELETE + RIGHT SHIFT and you will see a blank screen followed by an amazing hourglass.
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