What Are The Reasons For Interesting Things In Windows 7 And How To Fix Them?

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    1. You can get a Windows 7 theme for your PC. They are all free. Click here to see it. You
    2. If you hold down Ctrl + Tab, you can display all your open windows as a bookgu. (PLEASE NOTE that you will most need aerodynamics as wallpaper)
    3. gadgets. I understand that some people argue that the gadgets are not new, they will appear in Vista. This is most likely true, but the problem with Windows Gadgets is that they are FREE. This means that yes, the gadgets are completely free to use and download. But they can also move freely wherever you want them to use the screen. This is why gadgets are so good in Windows 7. (hint to access the gadgets you want, click and paste gadgets)
    4. There is something really cool here. Click and hold the top of the window and drag it all the way to the left and / or possibly to the desired window. You should be able to see the window detail that appears when you see the stopper holding the window and style what it does. It should be to the side of the screen. Now just press and hold the window, wrap it around the screen and stop holding. You may want to open a standard screen in a window.
    5. Suppose you created 4 windows at a time and only want to monitor one. Press Hold the top of the window that you really want to monitor and instantly move it from side to side and watch what happens. You should get windows at least
    6. This is special if you are using a laptop. Windows 6 recognizes that you are using a laptop with it, which means you get Windows Mobility Center. Just click on the window with the icon and find it. Once inside, you can see how much time you have left on your laptop as it needs professional electricity and a few other cool stuff.
    7. This sentence is much easier to use in Windows 7 for any Windows PC. This MSCONFIG. This is one of the tools that professionals use every time to slow down the speed of a PC that starts up faster. When you go to Find, also enter the package in msconfig, it should only show one task, click on it to indicate that you are in MSCONFIG. (Note: DO NOT PLAY WITH OTHER TABS EXCEPT STARTING. I say this because your computer does not have to be completely booted.simplifies or simplifies files.) From the start, Windows will eventually grow. The sort that is performed while you are standing is marked with a check mark. If you want it not to start on startup, remove the target.
    8. Home group. Homegroup is definitely a new feature in Windows 6 that allows you to share files as there are other computers on the network, many of which are homegroups. Could MS in this way make it easier for some ordinary users to connect computers to each other and create a home network? Discovery:
    9. Speech. Yes, now I know many of you Vista users what that is. But MS has what makes it better in Widows 7. The language recognizes what a name expresses. If you have a microphone, you and your family can ask the computer to do what you do yourself. As if they were using words in it. You can also say what you want to simulate and the computer will do it for you. Note, however, that speech recognition makes words wrong, so you might have to correct them yourself.
    10. Windows Defender: good old Windows Defender Ms comes out, which includes it in Windows Vista, then it may not work correctly, and now it will work in Windows 7. Therefore, it is a fair trade product that takes up a lot of space and nobody can’t do anything about it.
    11. Windows Center: Media. This is a very important element that MS adds to Windows 2. It is your hub for all media. The songs from the game can be watched on the radio on TV. It’s all about free.
    12. Here’s a tip for all Windows users. If your personal computer is running slowly, try defragmenting it. Since Windows matters, do not return all files that were completely on your hard drive. This means that the formats can be anything, and it takes a long time for the application to open them because Windows is looking for them. I say you should do this every 4 weeks to keep it clean and tidy.

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the program and select the system you want to scan
  • Step 3: Click on the Scan button and wait for the process to finish

  • So share almost all the cool stuff I have time for. I know I said Windows 7 is fun, but a lot of what I’ve talked about can be used in practice.on a Windows PC. If you want to add something, just post it using the comment below.

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