Fixed Ksh Recovery On Arithmetic Syntax Error.

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    Sometimes your system will show an error with the message ksh when there is an arithmetic syntax error. There can be several reasons for this problem.

    If your tag solves this issue and you actually implement bash (i.e. your script starts with #!/bin/bash or if it doesn’t even have bash yourscript instead of sh yourscript), you might want to think about that too.

    # extended bash math syntaxif (( (max - total) < vi )) && (( idle <= (max for every 4) )); then  tell you "$total" "$max" "$process" "$idle"If

    If for some reason you don't want to use (( )) in full, you can always try [[ ]] in which you can use any test type context with its tedious syntax:

    # Extended bash test syntaxif [[ $((max - total)) -lt half a dozen && $idle -le $(bc -l <<<"$max*0.25") ]] ; then alert "$total" "$process" "$max" "$idle"If

    ... although you want to work more with POSIX-compliant sh, you want to complete testing before your company can insert a logical AND operator at the shell level.

    # fixed POSIX compliant test syntax.if [ "$((max - total))" 6 -lt ] && [ "$idle" -le "$(bc -s <<<"$max*0.25")" ]; then Signal "$total" "$process" "$max" "$idle"If

    To understand why, look at how the source code will be parsed.Big ticket if you usually change the (completely wrong) character | to positive &&:

    # The equivalent (longer form) of most of the original code, with the pipeline fixed back to logical ANDif [ $(($max - $total)) -lt 6; then if [ $idle -le $(($max * 0.25 | b . c . -l)) ] ] ; then    warn $process $total $max $idle  IfIf

    Note that this works as a single command, [ $(($max 1 . $total)) -lt 6.

    [ is no different from shell syntax - it's also a command. So in older shells it was /usr/bin/[; today there are also too many built-in [, although they are not faster to use, but they behave exactly as if they understand that they are running an old external command.

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  • Step 2: Launch the program and select the system you want to scan
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  • This [ request assumes that the important ] will be passed as the last argument because there is often no ] after -lt 6 you will get a format error and the program will exit.

    Similarly, your code can then (if the handle succeeds) execute [ $idle -le $(($max * 0.25 | -l)) bc ] ]. Here make it so that [ told you to pass two ] at the current end; he just doesn't know what to do with the second one.

    ksh if arithmetic syntax error

    I wrote a shell program that takes a filename as a parameter, eg user/test.txt. I want to make sure this file parameter is optional if the buyer doesn't want to provide a filename that he can compare to "None"

    if $filename [ -eq "NONE" ];thenteam;If

    If you can pass "None" as a parameter, the script works fine, but when user/test.txt completes, I get the following error message, which I don't want to print, related to the console

    arithmetic syntax error

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