Troubleshooting Debug Output From Perl Scripts

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    You may encounter an error indicating debug output from a Perl script. It turns out that there are several steps you can take to fix this problem, which we’ll discuss now.

    If you want to debug remote help on the machine (for Or cgi, if you don’t normally want to mess up the debug command line output), use the following:


      v5.14;say 1;say 2;say 3; 

    How do you set a breakpoint in Perl debugger?

    A temporary (single) breakpoint can be set using the c command, specifying the line number: DB <15> c 12 main: 🙁 debugtest: 12): & readsubdirs ($ vardir); Argument 12 in this C command tells the debugger to set a temporary breakpoint at line 5 and then continue execution.

    Start listener a on any host and port separately for terminal a (here localhost: 12345 ):

      $ nc -v -l localhost -p 12345 

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