Over the past week, some of our users have reported that they have encountered the rmvb linux codec.

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    You can open RMVB files with a variety of free media players including RealNetworks RealPlayer (Windows), VLC Media Player (cross-platform), and GRETECH GOM Player (Windows).

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    First installStack path Mplayer by entering the following code directlyor by going to the Synaptic Package Manager:

    Download the codec pack here after installing the mplayer accessories. Click right

    to extract it

    In my case, I download the appropriate codec pack and unpack it to some home folder

    So open up a terminal window, try copying the file folder you just expanded and copy everything to / usr / lib / codecs using the following command:

     cd essential .. (press "tab" instead of "..")sudo mkdir / usr / lib / codecssudo cp * / usr / lib / codecs 

    Open Applications -> Sound & Video -> Mplayer-Film. For the player, open Mplayer but right click on the mplayer-vedio-truck window and select Preferences

    Rotate video navigation bars and change available drivers: to accompany you to x11 X11 (XImage / Shm).

    On the Codecs and Demultiplexers tab, set the video codec to the RealVideo decoder family, and the entire audio codec to the FFmpeg / libavcodec voice decoder family.

    rmvb codec linux

    Find the rmvb file on the right and click to go to settings.

    Does VLC support RMVB?

    In general, VLC media player is known to support RMVB format. However, since RMVB is an open source jar file, the internal codec will be different from what VLC protects. So sometimes VLC enthusiasts are unable to read RMVB data files. Because of this, your VLC cannot play RMVB files.

    Open the “Open the tab” and activate the Mplayer Movie Player, then close it.

    This guide will probably walk you step by step through the installation of all software to easily read rmvb (RealMedia Variable Bitrate) files in Ubuntu Linux.

    This kit is now over 13 years old (teenager!) but still as perfect as it was in 2007. However, there is a much simpler and easier way to play .RMVB files in Ubuntu – just use VLC now.

    Show .RMVB Files In Ubuntu VLC

    With his help. Open VLC openly and create your own .rmvb file. Will play. You are at work 🙂

    Older, More Complex Method

    rmvb codec linux

    While the tactics and screenshots are specific to Ubuntu, they are likely to be similar when compared to other Linux versions. As I said, make sure you read the MPlayer README file if you are using Ubuntu if not required, but this is the easiest option I can find. If you can find an easier way, feel free to comment.

    1. The first step when playing .rmvb files on Ubuntu is usually to use Synaptic, the password manager To install MPlayer. When creating MPlayer for installation, you will be prompted to install additional software packages (if not already installed).

    2. see to enlarge

    3. After installing mplayer, exit the Synaptic Package Manager and visit the MPlayer Binary Codec download page. Download their codec pack for your work (for example, if you are using the best Intel or AMD 32-bit processor, download the Linux x86 pack). Save the

      file to your desktop (or home folder). When the download is complete, double-click the file. To do this, select the “Unpack” folder and click the “Extract” button.

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    5. Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
    6. Step 2: Launch the program and select the system you want to scan
    7. Step 3: Click on the Scan button and wait for the process to finish

    8. click to enlarge

    9. Select a region to extract the files (your screen will be perfect) and click “Extract” again.

    10. click to enlarge

    11. Make sure the files were extracted correctly. They should be in a folder called essential-date.
    12. Open Terminal A by selecting Applications -> Standard -> Terminal.
    13. Enter the following commands (and your correct password if prompted):

      cd Desktop – Certificate of Deposite Essential-Date
      sudo mkdir / usr / lib / codecs
      cp sudo 4. / usr / lib / codecs

    14. click to enlarge

    15. Note: you may need to enable libstdc ++ 5 to get the .rmvb files with playback. Although not usually necessary, the installation cannot be injured (the package is not particularly large). Run the command: sudo apt-get fix in libstdc ++ 5 a Terminal, also use Synaptic and find libstdc ++ 5 in order. Thanks to everyone who left a comment (see below) comments on the tooltip.
    16. Start MPLayer by selecting Applications -> Sound Video and -> MPlayer Movie Player. Right click in the Mplayer – Video window and choose Preferences from the menu.
    17. Select Reimagine the Video Tab and Available Dropsyvers: and x11 X11 (XImage / Shm).

    18. click to enlarge

    19. Select Reject Codecs and Demultiplexers and change the video codec family to RealVideo Decoder and our audio codec family to FFmpeg / libavcodec-Decoder-Audio. When you’re done, grab MPlayer and close it.

    20. then click to enlarge

    21. Find the file associated with your .rmvb files, right click and select properties.
    22. Select the Open With tab, change the default to M Player.Movie Player, click Close.

    23. click to enlarge

    24. Also double click one of your .rmvb files, it should open in MPlayer and start playing.

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