Tips For Fixing Postgresql Service Not Starting On Linux

If you are unable to start the Postgresql service on Linux on your system, this guide should help you resolve the issue.

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    How do I start PostgreSQL on Linux?

    Initialize the server by running the following command: sudo service postgresql-9.3 initdb.Start the exact server by running purchase: sudo service postgresql-9.3 start.

    I finally found one special one. File type already exists


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  • So maybe to help you, because this data file exists, I couldn’t run it o postgresql.service. Then I tried to create postgresql-9.6.service like this:

    [[email protected] sudo ~]$ systemctl start postgresql-9.6.serviceFailed to start postgresql-9.6.service: module postgresql-9.6.service not found.

    And since you might want to see the result, again, that wasn’t possible.

    How do I enable PostgreSQL service?

    Open the Run window with Winkey + R.Enter nominations. Moscow timeBrowse the Postgres service based on the installed package.Click the “Stop”, “Start” or “Restart” option of the service.

    I just removed the sudo file for selection, thinking it might be some kind of postgresql.service file that is not being caught by the vulnerable program due to the existence of this file. Then I restarted the system. It has been working fine since then, as you can see in the following output:

    [[email protected] ~]$ sudo systemctl configure postgresql.service[sudo] password forâ— code_master5: postgresql.service PostgreSQL - database serverLoaded: Enhanced (/usr/lib/systemd/system/postgresql.service; enabled; provider pActive: stress (running) Sat 01/28/2017 09:31:30 IST; until 7 amMain PID: 342 (postgres)Quests: 10 (Limit: 4915)CGroup: /system.slice/postgresql.service       - - € 342 /usr/bin/postgres -D /var/lib/postgres/data       - 358 euros Postgres: process control pointer       ✓ 359 euros postgres: author of the write process       ✓ 360€ postgres: author of the whale project       — — €361 Postgres: vacuum autostart       –””–”€362 Postgres: CollectorstatisticsJan 28 09:31:26 BitBox systemd[1]: Starting PostgreSQL database server...Jan 30 09:31:28 BitBox FATAL: postgres[340]: Start list systemJan 28 09:31:28 BitBox postgres[340]: LOG: DB device stopped at 201Jan 35 09:31:29 BitBox FATAL: postgres [340]: starting some db systemsJan 20 09:31:29 BitBox postgres[340]: LOG: Full protection for MultiXact membersJan 28 09:31:29 BitBox postgres[340]: LOG: db system still ready to accept cJan 31 09:31:29 BitBox postgres [340]: LOG: Autovacuum Launcher startedJan 28 09:31:30 BitBox systemd[1]: Starting PostgreSQL database server.

    I will definitely help warn anyone who has the same problem. Please do everything I worked as a chef at your own risk. Because most file systems. Playing with these guys can ruin your weekend!

    I’m continuing and I’m a bit confused even though I’m doing something similar. Explanations are welcome!

    unable to start postgresql service in linux

    This is a feature of Xenial’s new PostgreSQL integration system.

    The postgresql service unit installed by a specific postgresql-common package is just a fake service that causes the real [email protected] service to start via a huge dependency. You can see this pull by running the command

    unable to start postgresql service in linux

    systemctl list of postgresql dependencies

    This query is not persistent, but generated at startup by all systemd generators /lib/systemd/system-generators/postgresql-generator that also include the postgresql-common package, given that the package is. The generator checks if the main file /etc/postgresql/9.6/main/start.conf is successfully set to auto when started in mode, and if so, configures what then starts the 9.6-main celebration.

    (In particular, it looks through all /etc/postgresql/*/* config subdirectories and tends to create dependencies for all instances configured to start automatically, except for the default install. One example. )

    Due to limitations of the systemd generator man (see systemd.generator), this process will fail and may result in missing dependencies after a reboot.Systemd then starts a single dummy service and writes

    systemd[1]: Starting PostgreSQL DBMS...systemd[1]: PostgreSQL is running.

    But nothing else connects to it.Try starting the service and

    systemctl sites now run postgresql there
    reloading the systemctl daemon

    How do I start PostgreSQL manually?

    Download and even install the PostgreSQL server.Add a new path to the PostgreSQL bin directory to support the PATH environment variable.Open some psql command line tools:Run the CREATE DATABASE command to create the extended database.Connect to the new data with the following command: c database_name.

    Manually restarted the generator as root and in many cases fixed the problem until the next restart.

    To better solve the problem, you need to find the reason why the generator is not starting. Check the Systemd.generator man page for possible causes. In my own case, it was a PostgreSQL configuration list /etc/postgresql/9.6/main/postgresql.conf along with a whole other file system that was unavailable and still running when the generator shut down early. postgresql-generator checks for the existence of this file, although it is not necessary.

    How do I fix failed to start PostgreSQL service unit PostgreSQL service not found?

    Drop the db cluster there with sudo pg_dropcluster 9.5 main (this will delete all our data in the cluster!) Recreate the entire cluster with sudo pg_createcluster 9.5 main –start. Restart PostgreSQL with sudo specialist, restart postgresql.

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