Tips For Resolving Custom Errors On Unsuccessful Operations

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    Over the past few weeks, a number of users have informed us that they have encountered a custom error while using.

    • Document number: 7021021
    • Date of creation: 23 June 2017
    • Modified on October 25, 2017
      • Products for Micro Focus Account:

        Privileged User Manager


    NetIQ Privileged Accounts 3.2
    NetIQ 3.1 Privileged Accounts


    Authentication fails if the LDAP account’s domain base DN is selected in the domain root or in the DC context (DC = My, DC = Lab), but works if it is an “organizational unit or container in this domain (CN = Users, DC = Mine, DC = Laboratory).

    LDAP lookups fail in Active Directory (AD) hosting if they contain the URL of the root website as a BaseDN, scoped as a subtree.

    The following error appears in the unifid.log:

    Warning, LDAP lookup failed, first error (operation failed)


    First, check your LDAP account domain lookup

    volume has been determined

    subtree for stars A search engine that includes all child objects as well as a specific object.

    Otherwise, a patch is required to configure the appropriate PAM-LDAP client settings. At the time of writing, a public agreement has been released that contains the following or later:

    PAM –

    Советы по устранению пользовательских ошибок при неудачных операциях
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