Tips To Resolve VMware Error 1325

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    If you are getting vmware error 1325, this guide is here to help you.

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    vmware error 1325

    VMWare Tools Error 1325 – Administrator is not a valid short name

    When installing or updating VMWare Tools, you may receive the error “Error 1325 Administrator is not a valid simple file name. “

    This is a really special Windows catch22 error caused by the inevitable fact that the required VMWare Tools software has not been installed yet. The administrator is trying to connect to the domain path, but the devices in the domain are not yet available because they will not be allowed. Therefore, a wrapper for the user PERSONAL folders such as “My Files” is not available when redirection is enabled.Editing folders, and folders may well be stored on the server.

    This is usually what you see when you transition from physical to virtual (P2V) associated with a Windows operating system (Windows XP, Windows Vista, 7, SBS, Server 2003 or Server 2008) and “One of our personal folders, z My Documents may have been redirected from a local drive such as c: Documents and Settings username to a server directory such as Domain Server Profile $ Username .

    The preventative solution is to reset the destination of the personal folder to its extended location on the local disk BEFORE starting the P2V conversion via the properties of the My Documents folder (the Reset Destination button) or, if necessary, using the Group Object policy described below …

    For Server 2003 – Group Policy Object Editor – Folder Redirection
    GPO User Configuration Windows Settings Folder Redirection My Documents

    For Server 2008 – Group Policy Management Console – Window Settings
    GPO Name] User Configuration Policies Windows Settings Folder Redirection

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the program and select the system you want to scan
  • Step 3: Click on the Scan button and wait for the process to finish

  • 1 – You will try to create a A NEW user named “Temp” using the admin template (with admin rights). Check the VMWare Tools installation again.

    2 – Changing the following registry key will likely fix the problem.

    vmware error 1325

    NOTE. You might want to find other locations for someone’s PERSONAL folder registry key and get the changes.

    You should be able to immediately restart the VMWare Tools installation, and this should be as effective as restarting the guest computer after completing the fine installation.

    If the above issue does not actually solve the problem and one of our VMWare tools is already installed or the installation failed, try uninstalling the program using Add or Remove Programs if possible and try again. If VMWare Tools do not appear when adding / removing programs, open RegEdit and use VMWare Knowledge Base Tech Note 1001354 – “Cannot Update Existing VMware Tools” to manually delete the registry and keep it intact.

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    When installing a virtual machine, a dialog box will appear.

    Check where my document service is located and change the existing directory (not on a cell phone, hard drive or other directory that won’t exist) where the virtual machine will be installed in each of our offices … My Documents-Properties-Purpose-Folder.

    Error 1325 Documents is not a strictly valid short file name
    Published: March 17, 200 6:00 PM
    I am trying to create VMware and I get “Error 1325 Documents is not a valid short file name” signal in the VMware window when Setup is nearing the allocation phase. I got i Net Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1 (SP1), tried to uninstall but also reinstalled Office, but still got the same message. ideas?

    Posts: 76
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    Subject: Error 1325 Documents – instead of a valid short file name
    Published: Mar 18, 200 6:00 PM Reply to: sebaxgr
    Basically I have no idea, but you are running Win XP / 2000 and don’t have the latest version of the My Clients directory, or it has been slightly renamed recently or something.

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    Subject: Error 1325 documents is an invalid short file name
    Published: March 18th, 200h. Reply: sebaxgr
    I suspect something is wrong with your Events and Settings location,
    is possible, although I have no idea how to describe it.

    Posted by

    Posts: pitt0000gh, PA, USA
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    Subject: Error 1325 docs is not a valid news title no questions asked
    Posted: Mar 18, 200 6:00 AM Reply to: sebaxgr
    What is your user’s literal% Temp% variable rate? I’ve seen some silly cases where temporary paths happen too often … if you don’t care about keeping your own users’ temp folders, I suggest you try this …
    Right click on my computer, Properties -> Additional costs -> Button “Environment Variables”. If the top section (User Variables) contains even lines for temp and TMP, select each item and remove it. They should already be in the bottom section (system variables) and use something like “C: / Windows / Temp”.

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    Re: Document error 1325 is definitely not a valid short file name
    Published: Mar 18, 200 6:00 PM Solution for: sebaxgr
    I changed the TMP and temp directories if you need C: / temp and C: / tmp. Also, I checked if my documents directory was declared correctly and I also tried to declare it in C: / Documents ENT. in any case, the same thing happens. I read in the Microsoft knowledge base that there is a problem: a. net Framework 1.1 in some cases and they are planning to release a patch. anyway i cant format for vmware workstation or disk. Credit for comments.

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    Subject: Error 1325 documents – invalid th shortcut to file
    Published: March 19, 200 at 6:00 pm Reply to: sebaxgr
    I found a solution. First, I declared the “My documents ent elements” folder on the external USB drive in the “G: / Documents ent elements” folder. I removed the hard creation and set the “my clients” folder type back to the original C: / recognition, however I found it when I plugged in the card reader and also assigned it the letter G: creating the “events” folder which installed the system correctly. I want to mention that I dumped the My Items file, logged multiple med restarts, and may have used Microsoft’s regclean. Update old values.

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