Are You Having Problems With Your USB Port With VMware Error Code?

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    Over the past few days, some of our users have informed us that they have encountered VMware 4 USB error code.

    It works like this: the virtual machine is running (XP / W2K3 32-bit), the connected storage is connected to the hosting and available on your current host

    Try attaching it to a new VM, hosts try to install various VMware USB devices, it connects to Windows Update, etc.

    Meanwhile, I am getting error code 4 VMWare USB Arbitrator in VM notification until new hardware is used – Device Unplugged reports

    But the actual hardware is always available for the hostess, I can try to reconnect this connector to the VM (without disconnecting first) and it may or may not work.

    Sometimes I need to disconnect it, reconnect it and try again

    This did not happen with the 32-bit W2k3 organizer on any 6.x workstation


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  • Sorry, I should have asked you to enable USB (eg debugging) long before the vmware.log was created.

    vmware error code 4 usb

    Oh, okay. Now I have enabled debugging no USB to restart Fusion. Based on the fact that I just restarted Fusion, the problem went away of course. But he’ll be using it again soon, so I’ll try to plug in a good USB device every few business hours and add a log if it fails.

    Also the wood suggests that you are just a pluggable bluetooth adapter, not a printer, right here?

    Yes, that’s right. I’m at work now, and the printer is at home, so I can’t connect it. But linking with the bluetooth adapter gives the exact error message (once the error starts, it doesn’t work for any USB device), so I’m guessing this doesn’t create the USB device that I plug in to help you create the logs to help you about the bug.

    Hello, it is difficult for me to solve the problem that has arisen. I have a WiFi USB stick that I want to connect to in VMware (with Ubuntu). The device is recognized, but every time I click Connect, I get the following message:

    “Failed to connect to USB device” Ralink USB device “.

    I am using VMware Workstation 7 Win7 on 64-bit. I don’t know what to do about it, I’m lost … YOU NEED SOMEONE’S HELP! Thanks !

    Before starting Workstation, the Imation removable disk associated with WinXP is available (and readable). It looks like an E: drive and its contents are actually readable (only one PDF file). The device is also available for recording.

    (The script that follows shortly after this happens automatically as if the port is selected and not selected, that is, an informational connection)

    The USB device (Imation Removable Disk) is displayed in the VM-> Removable media menu list as well as in the status bar. The Imation removable disk submenu displays the Connect From (Disconnect Host) menu item.

    If “Connect” is selected from the workstation menu (when clicking or navigating the synthesizer), a pop-up window with information is simply displayed in the notification area on the taskbar under WinXP Host (operating system):

    “You can now safely remove the large USB drive.”

    and immediately when the bubble disappears, in the local area Another bubble appears on the taskbar of WinXP (the main operating system):

    “New hardware found. There was a problem installing the hardware. The device may not work properly. ”

    After about 2 calls later, the following information bubble is usually displayed in the status bar area of ​​the Ubuntu Express 9.10 (guest operating system) workstation windows:

    “An error has occurred in the configuration of the Imation flash drive. USB VMWare arbiter error occurred with error code 4 “

    However, after attempting to connect (as described above), our Imation removable drive cannot be purchased in either the guest operating system or the host operating system:

    – In WinXP, the device is NOT displayed in the Safely Remove Hardware chat window.

    – This device is not listed in Ubuntu.

    This means that trying (manually or possibly automatically) to mount the Imation removable drive to the guest operating system will disconnect the actual device from the host operating system, but if the guest operating system connection is not working properly, the deviceThe device will NOT be released after the host operating system is (reconnected). However, if Imation ejects the removable disk from the USB port and reinserts it, Imation will surely connect the removable disk to the host’s primary operating system (WinXP) and reconnect if readable. This is normal behavior and is included here only to confirm that the device is working. Wanted

    vmware error code 4 usb

    I turned on the documentation and VMware Direct Search “USB Arbiter Error Code 4”, almost no results.

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