How Do You Handle Wininet.dll Checksum?

In recent days, some disks have encountered an error with a checksum wininet.dll. There are a number of factors that can cause this problem. Let’s take a look below.

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the program and select the system you want to scan
  • Step 3: Click on the Scan button and wait for the process to finish
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    rshaffer61 rshaffer61


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      Hello, welcome to GeeksToGo,
      The first thing I need to know is do you need a real Microsoft Windows XP disc with a keycode? Also

      If it is the miscellaneous naming system:
      Operating system
      Age of a particular computer
      Shared memory
      Disk size, how much free space

      If so, we need the following:

      Processor make and model
      Motherboard and / or model brand
      Number and speed of rams
      Cd DVD-ROM IDE / SATA interface
      Hard disk size and 100% free space
      All cards in PCI slots
      All computer programs were installed / updated and driver updates were performed before the problem started

      This will help you determine the course of action for the best solution to your problem.

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      Pat580 Pat580

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        If it’s a branding system:
        Brand – Dell
        Model – 4800
        Operating system – XP
        Personal PC age – 5 years
        Shared Memory – Not sure how to find out?
        Disk size, how much free space – 80 GB disk, about 10 GB free space or less

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        rshaffer61 rshaffer61


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          To find the missing memories, go to the page
          Start> right click on My Computer> Properties
          This window provides information about the system
          Operating system and version
          Below you will find
          CPU and Memory

          You also need to know the first question of the last application. Reply with the requested information

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            New name “>Pat580

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          • 3 Sorry, I received an original Windows XP disc with a keycode. And I can’t get to the start of the selection. A blue screen appears immediately after startup.

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            Happy Skirt

            happy skirt happyrock

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              from our rc.iso CD … first make sure the BIOS is configured to boot from your CD …

              If you do not continue burning,this program will melt the .ISO files here, take burncdcc .. a small program to burn quickly fix ISO thriving files …

              NOTE … Do not insert your own blank CD until burncdcc clears the slot for you

              2. To buy the desired ISO file when burning to CD / DVD …. in the process it is rc.iso

              Make sure that in any BIOS the boot device is the CD-ROM drive first … insert the CD, check the CD-ROM drive … turn on the computer …

              If you have trainers from rc.You, you will see a blue screen informing that the installation is downloading files …

              They’ll make sure you get a message that you can install Windows. The second option is to restore Windows.

              Press r to fix the problem … you will get almost everything in … C: > ……. here the form is in / r


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            • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
            • Step 2: Launch the program and select the system you want to scan
            • Step 3: Click on the Scan button and wait for the process to finish

            • When chkdsk flies, you will see a blue window with a dark blue stripe at the top and bottom. Chkdsk shows the specific step being checked and the percentage of completion. While driving, nothing else was found on your chkdsk computer. After chkdsk is finished, your computerwill automatically reboot.


              It will take a long time to get some help to complete it … it might even seem like it is stuck or stuck at a certain percentage for hours … it might be ok … let it go … like this 5 levels < / p>
              wininet.dll checksum

              DO NOT TURN OFF THE COMPUTER WHILE STARTING CHKDSK, otherwise serious problems may arise …

              fixmbrEnterfixed boatEnter

              It identifies a personal XP installation … enter Y when you see this prompt.

              wininet.dll checksum

              You will be prompted for some Boot IDs … in Microsoft XP Edition like Home or Microsoft XP Professional, whichever version you have … press Enter

              You will probably be prompted for heap options … Type / fastdetect and hit Enter


              … this will check your main memory … let it run for at least an hour … if you get any errors then the RAM is faulty and needs to be replaced … after that there are no errors, after 2 hours ……. so this is probably good, there are other things to try …

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              K0OL G3Ek

              K0OL g3Ek K0OL g3Ek

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                Hi PAT580, did the HAPPYROCK steps solve your problem ??
                because I have the same risk, but in my case using the CD does not work, so it is not possible to boot from CD. Can I use this method if I have a USB stick
                Please help !!

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